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Ed Sheeran: Lyrics Tour Diary 2011 (Part 2)

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source : screen shot clip video

white lips pale face breathing in

snowflakes burnt lungs sour taste back

safe that was lying I’m just about to go

under two minutes for an EXO and mantra

painting for my down so I’m just going

to come

you teach online at this point before

your eyes backstroke little ADF is up

and worse when you push it over

especially lighting at work today to get


I’m probably gonna get fired or the

edges the coolest ginger

finger I never see

Severine wow so many Three Rivers clubs

raincoat tried to swim stay folks are in

the car to Birmingham Scott Mills just

played a team radium which is really


design sessions may place

leaders get into the core of the message

and that message is people in case

you’re wondering on that song back up

because I made sure I just put in time

out was with the rhymes on one song mama

is alodia my heart is your foreigner

it’s the Bermuda geek ed Sheeran Aaron

Holmes absolutely amazing didn’t even

use the stage how about I do the whole

game in the middle of the crowd on it’s

able completely acoustic probably one of

the best live gigs that I’ve ever say

absolutely amazing

it’s not all this time for me like to me

it’s not all this time for me it’s just

a whole nest and I’d like to be it’s not


the whole thing for one stop on a table

imagine al that it was it was a night it

was amazing indeed amazing to say the

lady the number birdies one bogey nobody

live twice when you’re gone you’re gone

buh-bam nope I’m good only a judge can

give you we finish the barium Hare and

Hounds gig other than white lines right

as you know I’m gig on a table call my

name is [ __ ] my kid

yes I know then all the photos

mum here we are in monkey stuff walking

up in a city and I win things but we’re

all right

I musta come down a half seein the drops

Me’s get really on it

we told David to stop eating Smarties

and drinking coca-cola we just in this

ocean to activate insulin boon yesterday

chuckles made quite an impact on the

music industry humans particularly

name’s ed Sheeran oh dear mother I’m

good I know you and Shaw thanks from the

two extra band you wouldn’t watch some

songs live around forever

you got your insides early and she the

website thank you very much

don’t drink like everybody else did with

the vicar things about myself stumbling

forward at its pinnacle mines with you

by Mars just not so am i close to you

and just on the session for excellent

and it was wicked and thank his own

cookin popping a song

I guess you William this


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